Kimberly’s team of medical industry experts will help you to make more money in your practice, provide quality patient care, improve your professional skills and success.

Kimberly Palm has a referral team of medical industry experts in the areas of practice management, professional improvement (continuing education) and financial improvement who only work with physicians. Each of her team members can provide you and/or your medical practice with a customized service to help you achieve your goals. Everyone on Kimberly’s team has been vetted and shares her passion for helping physicians to be successful and providing them with 100% excellent service.

Meet Kimberly’s team of experts who can help you achieve all your goals:


#21Mary Berard – Realistic Solutions MR 

When you work with Mary Berard and Realistic Solutions MR, you are always going to feel peace of mind about your account receivables and revenue needs. You will never need to worry about uncollected revenue, she will always keep yours current and any old revenue will be collected in a timely manner. Mary has collected over nine hundred thousand dollars in as a short amount of time as three months from start to finish and have kept this number up over years to come for a small practice that was not any bigger than two MD’s and a Nurse PA. Through process review, revenue analysis and project management, Mary categorizes uncollected revenue and finds the right channels with documentation and people to collect as much as possible to reduce your accounts receivables to a manageable rate and increase efficiency in your Medical Practice. This also includes providing appropriate training and materials to your staff. If you can experience between 50 to 80 percent increase in your revenue next year, by making some adjustments and tailoring processes to efficiently collect your revenue and create reporting that makes sense would you make the change? Mary offers a complimentary consultation to learn about your business and needs. For more information, please contact Mary at 413-596-6478 or by email at RealisticSolutionsMR@Gmail.Com.  or visit Mary’s website www.RealisticSolutionsMR.ORG


Cohen-001-small (002)Dr. IIan Cohen, M.D. – Painless Hire

If you are want quality employees to work in your medical or dental practice, PainLess Hire provides you only with screened and tested applicants that meet the exact requirements of your job openings. When combined with no-nonsense pricing, quick results and a satisfaction guarantee, PainLess Hire is the clear choice for doctors who are tired of big promises and poor performance. In 2009, Dr. Cohen founded PainLess Hire LLC, a one-of-a-kind recruitment agency using multiple scientific methods to deliver practices the ideal candidate. PainLess Hire’s proven effectiveness has surpassed all original expectations, with the company becoming an authority for both the industry and employers nationwide. Dr. Cohen’s vision and leadership has driven PainLess Hire to the forefront of the recruitment industry and solidified a memorable and exemplary impression in the minds of doctors who have used PainLess Hire services. To find out more



pic of Andy BelangerAndre Belanger  – H.E.R.O.’S Business Solutions Inc

Guiding entrepreneurs in tackling the challenges of the day, learning from the lessons of yesterday planning for the gifts of tomorrow.

Andre Belanger is a coach and business advisor when he’s not busy travelling across North America for speaking engagements. He specializes in helping businesses start smart and run right. Andre Joined our  team of experts in September 2014  as a key note speaker and coach and brings over 26 years of coaching government organizations, native communities, entrepreneurs, individuals, colleges, universities and specialty groups. A proud Metis, Andre continues to share his passion for helping health care entrepeneurs throughout Canada and the United States, sharing innovative, creative, and most important applicable concepts to help create success. From wholistic medical care professionals to complimentary doctors of Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, Massage and lay people, Andre provides strategies that compliment the principles and philosophies of pro-active health care for the business. We are proud to have him on our team of experts, as his concepts and principles are unique and are truly one of a kind, nurtured by the guidance of his mentors (his father Denise Belanger and Dr. Anton Ingard).  To find out about Andre’s programs to help you obtain success in your health care business, please go to his website, or contact Andre at 705-721-4016  or email:


Jeffery Khoury, CEO – Doctor PocketJeffery Khoury

Doctor Pocket is a telemedicine iOS application that provides medical advice, from doctors all around the world to patients, straight on their cell phones. Currently, their team is reaching out to potential doctors who wish to evolve their practice and be a part of the cutting-edge technology in the medical field. This is the perfect opportunity for you to offer your medical services at the time and the price of your choice! This telemedicine platform is to help the patients who cannot afford traveling the world for a consult, or those who just can’t wait 4-5 hours in a clinic for basic medical advice. Jeffery’s main goal is for Doctor Pocket to help and advance the world of telemedicine! For more information you can contact Jeffery at:     Connect with him on LinkedIn:  You can also view how simple Doctor Pocket is for MDs in the two minute training video:  The new Doctor Pocket website will be launching soon.


Edward PhillipsEdward Phillips, BSHSA, MBA

Edward Phillips is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Naturopathic Economics.  Naturopathic Economics is a web based service created to provide resources to Naturopaths who often struggle in their profession to achieve financial success.  As the former vice president of Advancement for the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM),  Edward became keenly aware of the need for practical business advice for new and experienced naturopaths. Naturopaths armed with state-of-the-art clinical skills often enter into private practice ill prepared for the reality that they are in fact business owners, or partners in businesses practicing medicine. Naturopathic Economics website is scheduled to go live in January 2015  designed to provide practical tips, and “how to” information at no cost to naturopaths as a way of giving back to the profession.  Naturopathic Economics also gives back to the profession by dedicating a portion of all proceeds to community health clinics supported by naturopathic medicine, and naturopathic education scholarships. Edward’s background includes a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration (BSHSA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees.   After years of experience managing, purchasing and selling private medical practices Edward wrote the book, “Your Future in Private Practice,” and has written numerous articles for Medical Economics, Chiropractic Economics, The Arizona Osteopathic Journal, as well as several other publications. Naturopathic Economics Website:  Contact Edward at:


PSPerkinsPamela Perkins, Human Communication Institute

As Curriculum Developer and Senor Facilitator for the Human Communication Institute, LLC, Pamela S. Perkins specializes in effective Communication practices for Health Care Provides. Using HCI, LLC’s trademarked Communication Staircase Model™, clinic participants are instructed in and learn how to apply communication skills vital to patient-provider success including: Communicating with the Mind, Perception and Interpersonal Interaction; Nonverbal Communication and Cultural Indicators; Cultural Speaking Patterns; Listening from the Patient Perspective; Understanding Cross-cultural Health Care Belief Systems; Feminine and Masculine Cultural Norms and Privacy; Intercultural Communication Patterns; Family Communication Dynamics and other patient-provide communication services. Graduate of University of North Carolina and New York University Schools of Communication, specializing in Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Nonverbal and Intercultural Communication, P.S. brings fifteen years of Heath Care Communicationfacilitation and curriculum development to the Healer to the Doctors program. To find out more about Pamela



Eric New-1Eric Durak – Medical Health and Fitness

We are happy to work with President and Founder of Medical Health and Fitness – Eric Durak.  Eric has worked in the fitness club industry, bio medical research, and health and safety.  He has published medical studies, and over two dozen health publications – books, monographs, and certification programs.  He has spoken at over 150 national health, fitness, and medical conferences, and consults with medical fitness centers, health companies, and wellness start ups.  He is on the editorial board for the Journal of Exercise Physiology, and works with non profit agencies to promote health and nutrition research.  Eric is happy to be working with “Healer to the Doctors” as one of the leading integrative practice groups in the country. To enroll in a health or fitness class for CME units or find out more please visit or you can contact Eric Durak at