Give your audience the gift of Happiness and Success in every area of their lives. Book Kimberly Palm to Speak at your event, company, conference or meeting

Palm-560RETBenefits to your organization and audience: Kimberly inspires, teaches and motivates your audience to achieve success in every area of their lives: health, career, happiness, relationships and more. Your attendees will take away new information and learn practical skills they can use every day the rest of their lives to create success. By working with Kimberly Palm, you can save your company, members or attendees a large amount of money on health care costs, absenteeism, accidents, injuries, mistakes, malpractice law suites and bad decision making that is all caused by stress. The World Health Organization says that employers in the U.S.A. lose $300 billion a year to absenteeism and turnover causes by stressed employees. Start saving your company or organization money today by working with Kimberly Palm.

Kimberly Palm is an internationally known stress reduction & health expert, consultant, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher and bestselling author of the book, “Conquering Stress: The REAL Fountain of Youth”. Kimberly has more than a quarter of a century experience speaking, teaching and training in the community and at colleges, universities, conferences, meetings, retreats, corporations, hospitals, medical clinics, businesses, Chambers of Commerce, non-profit organizations and churches. Kimberly has been seen and heard by millions of people world-wide. Her presentations are highly motivational, entertaining, and educational and have been compared to a cross between Tony Robbins motivation and empowerment, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson’s spiritual teaching and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s health expertise. Be prepared to learn information your parents and schools never taught you but should have and to make positive changes for success.

Each key note speech, seminar, or workshop is customized for your audience and can be fit into any time frame or format that you require from 45 minutes to 7 hours. Kimberly can also mix and match topics into one seminar or presentation. To book Kimberly to present at your business, organization, conference, event, retreat or other venue, please contact Kimberly at (360)207-0472 or use the contact form on this website http://kimpalm.com/contact

Keynote Speech titles for Executives, Corporate, Employees, Government, Conferences, Seminars and Non-Profit Organizations:

  • The Corporate PEACE Project – Creating Peaceful Work Environments
  • How to Crush Workplace Stress
  • Unique Tools for Successful Decision Making
  • 15128884_10157806072150051_1357230286650680608_o-2The Millionaire’s Guide to Health, Happiness and Less Stress
  • Create a Healthy Work-Life Balance
  • Conquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth (Kimberly’s bestselling book)
  • Supercharge Your Productivity
  • How to Prevent Overwhelm and Overload
  • Sleep better for Greater Health, Smarter Brain and More Success
  • Happiness Is Your Birthright: How To Be Happy For Life
  • Mindfulness Bootcamp – Improve Focus, Productivity, Body, Mind, Relationships & Life
  • Classroom Earth – Making The Grade
  • Meditation 101

3 – 7 Hour Long Workshops and seminars 

  • Quantum Time Management: More Time For Self, Family & Fun
  • The P.E.A.C.E. Stress Management System®: (A Comprehensive Body, Brain & Spirit Program For a Longer, Healthier, Happier and More Successful Life).
  • Crush Work Place Stress
  • Energy Healing 101 –  Basic Tools and Techniques to Heal Yourself and Others

 About Kimberly 

Kimberly Palm is a renowned Stress Reduction and Health Expert, Motivational speaker, Master Spiritual teacher, trainer, facilitator and bestselling author. She has spent more than 3 decades researching, implementing, consulting with and teaching the information she presents in all of her programs. Before she became a consultant, speaker and teacher, Kimberly had several years of experience working in corporate environments and non-profit organizations and experiencing the problems that organizations have. Through her experience she was able to see what needed to be done in the corporate world to make environments better for everyone. Besides the Corporate PEACE Project™, Kimberly is the creator of the P.E.A.C.E. Stress Management System® and Quantum Time Management™ programs. She is known in the medical industry as Healer to the Doctors™ because of her many years of working with physicians, nurses and healthcare practitioners. She is the author of the bestselling book, “Conquering Stress: The REAL Fountain of Youth” and she has been interviewed on dozens of U.S. and international radio shows, including ABC Morning News. Kimberly also provides private counseling and mentoring to Executives, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Professionals and Political Leaders.

C.V., references and media kit available upon request. To see some videos of Kimberly speaking, please visit her Youtube channel called, “Conquering Stress”. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOG6wcKqOBOSZ6M6lqfdcfg  You can also request a video of her speaking at an event by contacting her.  Kimberly’s book can be included for each of your employees or members as part of some of her speaking packages. Also Kimberly can provide private sessions for your executives and leaders. 

To contact Kimberly for speaking availability and booking, Media requests, or to learn more about private coaching programs: (360)207-0472 or use the contact form on this website http://kimpalm.com/contact

Here’s what people are saying about Kimberly’s presentations:

“Kimberly Palm has been a guest speaker at Vitaminlife on several occasions. Her most recent talk on stress and her new book was excellent. She gave very clear and concise information on how to handle stress in our lives,  answered audience questions effectively and was very professional in her presentation. Her manner was very uplifting and positive and we would invite her to speak again in the future”.  ~ Raeah Sunn, Product Manager and Event Coordinator at Vitaminlife

“Kimberly has a great sense on health issues and how to deal with “Stress Management” in everyday life.  She always has some valuable pieces of information to present as a solution to whatever ales you.  I would recommend her services to anyone looking to increase health and fitness.”

“I enjoyed the workbook, tips and personal stories that were shared and given. I also learned many tips for helping myself and others including books, supplements, programs, techniques, breathing and etc.”

“I liked the way it was laid out and the presenter’s knowledge and passion.”

“I enjoyed the tips/tools to organize stress and manage reactions.”

“The breathing techniques and mindfulness info was great.”

“I enjoyed hearing about the research on what works for stress management”

“I liked the examples of real life stress and techniques to alleviate them. The handbook is informative and gives working examples.”

“I am now able to identify stress and create a plan for how to deal with it.”

“Kimberly had some excellent real life examples of how her techniques can change my life.”

“Kimberly knows her stuff and was able to give helpful information that I can use personally and professionally.”

 Book Kimberly now for a presentation  (360)207-0472 or use the contact form on this website http://kimpalm.com/contact

Some of Kimberly’s many clients include:

Bastyr University
Northshore School District

Shoreline Community College

District Medical Group – Arizona
American Society of Asthetic and Plastic Surgery 
Vitamin Life, Inc.
Lorman Education Services
John L. Scott Real Estate, Inc
The Creekside Retirement Community
Fairwinds Brittany Park
Womens Global Leadership Alliance – Excellence in Leadership Conference
Business and Professional Women (BPW)
National Association of Professional Women (NAPW)