Corporate PEACE Project

The Corporate PEACE Project™


A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product. You should always put your employees first before your customers” ~Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin Group

The mission and purpose of the Corporate PEACE Project™ is to create a positive and peaceful work environment that promotes productivity, creativity, teamwork, improved decision making and success for every employee from the top down. By bringing the Corporate PEACE Project™ into your organization you will be increasing your bottom line while increasing the well-being of everyone within your organization.

In organizations and businesses in the U.S. and worldwide, employees are becoming more and more dis-satisfied with their jobs. Without proper support and training programs in the areas of managing stress and time, healthy work-life balance, improving communication and team work, employee productivity levels are dropping, while absenteeism, turnover, mistakes, accidents, bad decisions and major law suits are increasing daily. Many organizations have hostile work environments. According to the World Health Organization, U.S. employers are spending $300 billion a year on health care and absenteeism caused by Stress. So what about the accidents, injuries, bad decisions and other issues that are also caused by stress? What are they costing your company right now? In addition to workplace stress, employees are bringing their personal home stresses to work with them, negatively impacting their work, fellow employees and customers. Some organizations believe that their Employee Assistance Program will help with these issues, but EAP’s are not set up to deal with any of these problems and 90% of the mental health workers and doctors who work for EAP’s are burned out and stressed out. They are unable to train your employees in these areas or in the areas of Time Management or communication.

The good news is, you can stop your organization from bleeding tons of money right now, by bringing the Corporate PEACE Project™ into your organization.

What is the Corporate PEACE Project™?

The Corporate PEACE Project™ is a movement and a 3 part ongoing employee training and support program founded by Kimberly Palm, whose mission is to bring PEACE, health, happiness and success into workplaces worldwide. The program involves employee training with Kimberly via your choice of training seminars, workshops, retreats, webinars, key note speeches or MP3 programs. The program is customized to fit your organization’s budget, needs and size. The first step is for you to take a complimentary assessment for your business or organization and then schedule a consult with Kimberly. After your consult, you will be presented with options for how you will work with Kimberly to implement the Corporate PEACE Project™ into your organization immediately. Every employee from the top executive down will learn skills and tools to improve time management, prevent overwhelm, make better decisions, manage stress at home and at work and have effective communication at all levels of the organization. Most of all, Kimberly will help your organization to create a PEACE filled work environment that fosters creativity, productivity, teamwork and success. Every person in your company from the top down will be involved in learning all 3 steps of this program:

  1. The P.E.A.C.E. Stress Management System® – Executives and Employees will learn how to crush all of the 4 major types of stress and thousands of subtypes to improve health, happiness and success.
  2. Crush Workplace Stress and create a Peaceful and Productive Work Environment – Executives and Employees will learn information, skills and tools to manage stress in the workplace, create a peaceful work environment, create peaceful and compassionate communication skills at every level of your organization, improve productivity, improve teamwork, improve working relationships, create healthy work life balance, improve focus, memory, concentration, decision making and more.
  3. Quantum Time Management™ – Executives and employees will get to learn the only time management program in the world that teaches people how to create a healthy emotional, spiritual and Quantum science based relationship with time. Even if you have had time management training in the past, this program will teach you many more out-of-the-box new skills that you have never experienced before. You will also learn how to prevent overwhelm and plate overload.


Who is Kimberly Palm

Kimberly Palm is a renowned Stress Reduction and Health Expert, Motivational speaker, teacher, trainer, facilitator and bestselling author. She has spent more than 3 decades researching, implementing, consulting with and teaching the information she presents in all of her programs. Before she became a consultant, speaker and teacher, Kimberly had several years of experience working in corporate environments and non-profit organizations and experiencing the problems that organizations have. Through her experience she was able to see what needed to be done in the corporate world to make environments better for everyone. Besides the Corporate PEACE Project™, Kimberly is the creator of the P.E.A.C.E. Stress Management System® and Quantum Time Management™ programs. She is known in the medical industry as Healer to the Doctors™ because of her many years of working with physicians, nurses and healthcare practitioners. She is the author of the bestselling book, “Conquering Stress: The REAL Fountain of Youth” and she has been interviewed on dozens of U.S. and international radio shows, including ABC Morning News. For more almost 3 decades, Kimberly also provides private counseling and mentoring to Executives, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Professionals and Political Leaders.

Here’s what people are saying about Kimberly’s presentations:

“Kimberly Palm has been a guest speaker at Vitaminlife on several occasions. Her most recent talk on stress and her new book was excellent. She gave very clear and concise information on how to handle stress in our lives, answered audience questions effectively and was very professional in her presentation. Her manner was very uplifting and positive and we would invite her to speak again in the future”.  ~ Raeah Sunn, Product Manager and Event Coordinator at Vitamin life

“Kimberly has a great sense on health issues and how to deal with “Stress Management” in everyday life.  She always has some valuable pieces of information to present as a solution to whatever ails you.  I would recommend her services to anyone looking to increase health and fitness.”

“I enjoyed the workbook, tips and personal stories that were shared and given. I also learned many tips for helping myself and others including books, supplements, programs, techniques, breathing and etc.”

“I liked the way it was laid out and the presenter’s knowledge and passion.”

“I enjoyed the tips/tools to organize stress and manage reactions.”

 “I enjoyed hearing about the research on what works for stress management”

“I liked the examples of real life stress and techniques to alleviate them. The handbook is informative and gives working examples.”

“I am now able to identify stress and create a plan for how to deal with it.”

“Kimberly had some excellent real life examples of how her techniques can change my life.”

“Kimberly knows her stuff and was able to give helpful information that I can use personally and professionally.”


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