Client Testimonials

Here’s what a few of Kimberly’s clients say:


” I have had the good fortune to consult with Kimberly Palm several times over the last two years, for the purpose of learning how to create more time, profit and freedom in my Naturopathic medical practice. The areas in which she has been most instrumental include time management and heart-center interpersonal problem solving with staff and colleagues. From the time I first met with Kimberly, and shared my challenges, obstacles and perceived limitations, my career has taken on a much more positive, balanced and successful character.

 Kimberly helped shift my focus from perceived limiting obligations and assumptions, to creative solutions that revolve around joy and self-care as an important foundation for heart-centered generosity and assisting others to heal. She thinks outside the box on my behalf and has inspired me to do the same.

Consulting with Kimberly has improved my quality of life at the office, at home, and during my frequent travels. I would recommend her to any of my doctor friends, and would imagine that any success-oriented individuals who want to establish a more harmonious life-work balance would benefit tremendously from Kimberly’s wealth of creative, yet practical coaching and guidance.”   Sincerely,   Z.A., N.D.


 “I was recommended to Kimberly when my stress level reached the point that I wasn’t getting a restful night of sleep. I was tired, eating foods to increase energy and was mixing good choices with not so good choices.

Kimberly listened, explained what I needed to do with the same information forwarded via email so I wouldn’t ‘forget’ for which I am grateful as her notes were much better than mine and I knew I didn’t get it all down.  She also stressed that she was available when I needed her and meant it.

I followed her suggestions, feel better physically, mentally, emotionally.  I have a better exercise routine which I enjoy and I am feeling better all the time.

I am grateful for her knowledge, kindness, facts that are structured to help and knowing that I can let her know when I am needing more guidance for a fruitful and better balanced life. It is a pleasure to recommend Kimberly and her program!” – Katherine Wilkinson – Owner, Connecting Life’s Bridges


“Kimberly Palm is truly “The Healer to the Healers”. Sometimes you find yourself so close to the trees that you can’t see the forest. Kimberly illuminates the path to health, happiness, and peace of mind. Sometimes when we are traveling at the speed of life we need a Kimberly to help us tether down and become well grounded. The good news is that there is only one Kimberly. I don’t know of another living being who does what she does. What I do know is that there is virtually no doctor practicing medicine today who can’t benefit greatly from Kimberly’s expertise. Want to see the trees, forest and horizon to boot? Call Kimberly today!!!”  – Bruce H. – California


 “Working with Kimberly has been essential to growing my business.  She is passionate and one thousand percent dedicated to helping Naturopathic Doctors thrive in private practice, where many of us (including myself) struggle.  I highly recommend Kimberly to any health professional searching for ways to navigate the symptoms of burning out, and to transcend to a new level.” – J.G., N.D.

“I’ve had the recent joyful experience of working with Kimberly Palm. She is insightful, intuitive, and very knowledgeable. Her stress assessment and resulting session were extremely beneficial and Kimberly’s warm sensibility made the entire experience one aha moment after another! I highly recommend working with Kimberly to reduce your stress, re-focus, and re-balance.” – Dr. Maria Church

  “My health is the best it has been in many years due to your help. Thank you so much for your health insights and showing me a better way to live.” – T.S.

 “Kimberly has a great sense on health issues and how to deal with “Stress Management” in everyday life.  She always has some valuable pieces of information to present as a solution to whatever ailes you.  I would recommend her services to anyone looking to increase health and fitness.” – Marti S.


Here are some testimonials from students who were in Kimberly’s P.E.A.C.E. Stress Management System  workshop at Bastyr University Medical School. Students completed anonymous surveys. One of the questions on the survey was what they found most valuable about this workshop. Here’s a sampling of the awesome responses she received:

“I enjoyed the workbook, tips and personal stories that were shared and given. I also learned many tips for helping myself and others including books, supplements, programs, techniques, breathing and etc.”

“I liked the way it was laid out and the presenter’s knowledge and passion.”

“I enjoyed the tips/tools to organize stress and manage reactions.”

“The breathing techniques and mindfulness info was great.”

“I enjoyed hearing about the research on what works for stress management”

“I liked the examples of real life stress and techniques to alleviate them. The handbook is informative and gives working examples.”

“I am now able to identify stress and create a plan for how to deal with it.”

“Kimberly had some excellent real life examples of how her techniques can change my life.”

“Kimberly knows her stuff and was able to give helpful information that I can use personally and professionally.”