Interview with Carolyn Dowd Higgens on “Your Working Life”

Please check out this taped interview Kimberly Palm had with with Carolyn Dowd Higgnes on her Podcast, “Your Working Life”. Kimberly discusses stress and her book, “Conquering Stress: The REAL Fountain of Youth”.

Our New Partner “Heal Estate” – The Resource for Sustainable Living

Our New Partner “Heal Estate” – The Resource for Sustainable Living

Proud To Be Partnered with “Heal Estate” – The Resource For Sustainable Living

In my book “Conquering Stress: The REAL Fountain of Youth” , I talk about the importance of living a healthy organic lifestyle and decreasing our footprint on the planet. I also discuss how toxins and chemicals Healestate logoare destroying our planet and all of the humans and living creatures on this planet. Part of living a stress free or reduced stress life involves “Sustainable Living”. This means reducing your footprint, growing your own organic produce, organic farming, buying less disposable items and consuming less, buying organic foods for your family, wearing organic clothing, supporting the Rain Forest and Fair Trade products and much more.

Since Sustainability is important to reduce stress on us and on our planet and since it’s of high importance to me and my family, I am now proud to be partnered with Adrienne Kessler and her wonderful organization called, Heal Estate.

Heal Estate’s mission is to inform, educate, inspire and be a leader in the world of sustainable living. We are The Resource for Sustainable Living, and the promise of hope to advocate for our children’s future on this planet. Heal Estate maintains a sustainable company environment, along with the company it keeps. The folks at Heal Estate align themselves with other companies and partners who share their values, ethics and commitment to sustainability.

When you join Heal Estate and become a member, your sustainable products and services are exactly what their viewers are seeking, and they will be directed to your Website for these services. Heal Estate’s members, affiliates and advertisers are companies and partners who are exclusively conscious stewards and consumers, which makes Heal Estate stand out among other online Websites.

Heal Estate believes in a circular business model, giving back to our community and the world, and in positioning themselves as a highly visible global community to ensure that their vision is translated to all who are interested in making the world a better, safe place.

Heal Estate’s on-site articles and content reflect their philosophy, and enlighten people across the globe about sustainable practices. Heal Estate’s monthly newsletter, GreenZine, offers you articles on various issues, content and celebrities who are eco-aware and active. They also promote their highest levels of membership in their newsletter by writing a featured article on each of them.

I invite you to go to their website and check it out and please sign up as a member or to receive their newsletter. If we all work together we can HEAL OUR PLANET. Their website address is

Kimberly Palm Interview on “Late Night Health Radio” Show

Listen to host Mark Alyn interview bestselling author and stress expert, Kimberly Palm, about stress and how we can conquer stress in our lives. Kimberly Palm shares some tips for what we need to know to reduce stress in our life. Mark and Kimberly talk about the fountain of youth and getting older as well as an in-depth discussion about stress and how that affects our daily lives. They also talk about what our life’s purpose is. Kimberly’s bestselling book launched in January 2016 is “Conquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth”   You can find out more about Kimberly Palm at