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Conquering Stress: The REAL Fountain of Youth

How do we live longer, happier and healthier? Start by reading the Amazon Bestselling book Conquering Stress: The REAL Fountain of Youth by International stress reduction expert, health & life consultant and motivational speaker, Kimberly Palm!
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Changing Lives for more than 2 decades

Kimberly Palm has been seen and heard by millions of people worldwide through her speaking engagements, book, consulting and interviews on major radio stations and podcasts and T.V. including ABC Morning news. Kimberly's YouTube channel, "Conquering Stress" is providing free weekly tips and tools to help people everywhere have better lives. Kimberly's track record of helping people and organizations make positive measurable changes has left her with scores of testimonials, social media fans and followers and business allies who appreciate Kimberly's mission and contribution to the world.


Read what others have to say about Kimberly:

"My health is the best it has been in many years due to your help. Thank you so much for your health insights and showing me a better way to live.”

T.S., Duvall, Washington

I am grateful for her knowledge, kindness, facts that are structured to help and knowing that I can let her know when I am needing more guidance for a fruitful and better balanced life. It is a pleasure to recommend Kimberly and her program!”

Katherine Wilkinson

Connecting Life’s Bridges

“Working with Kimberly has been essential to growing my business.  She is passionate and one thousand percent dedicated to helping Naturopathic Doctors thrive in private practice."


Naturopathic Doctor

"Kimberly's stress assessment and resulting session were extremely beneficial and her warm sensibility made the entire experience one aha moment after another!"

Dr. Maria Church

Certified Professional Leadership Coach

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